Let's Talk Pain

Helping You to Discover Purpose in Suffering.

Cheryl Jones-Ross

Inner Life Strategist


Cheryl Jones-Ross

After overcoming drug addiction, alcoholism, an abusive marriage, single parenting and several major tragedies in her life including the loss of both parents before age 21 and the loss of her dear sister to cancer.......

Let's Talk Pain

Workbook and Study Guide


This book contains Powerful Lessons that are proven to

"Help You To Discover

Your Purpose In Sufferings".   


Lessons Include:

  1. How do I Overcome Rejection?
  2. What Are The Stages of Pain?
  3. Why Must I Suffer? 
  4. How Do I Know My Self Worth?
  5. Do I Act Like A Victim?


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Fire of God is the poignant story of Cheryl Jones-Ross and how a defining moment with her beloved sister changed the course of her life forever. After overcoming tremendous obstacles in her past, including being raised by an alcoholic father, her own drug and alcohol addictions, an abusive marriage and a subsequent stay in a battered women's shelter,


Cheryl began to live an exciting life of ministry, one filled with TV appearances, awards shows and what seemed like the life that she always wanted to live. However, it all changed on one fateful Autumn afternoon when she received a phone call that would begin a journey of self-examination and coming to terms with her past and her present life.


When she heard the voice on the other end of the phone, she had no idea that the Lord was sending a fire into her life that would not only bring separation between her and the most beloved person in her life, her sister Joyce, but this fire would turn into a blazing inferno that would drive her down the road to total surrender to the will of God.

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Reasons Why

"I" am



Inner Life Strategist

  • You are stuck.  You have been stuck for years, but you are afraid to move forward or you just don't know how.  Your past hurts and failures are a constant stumbling block for you, but you haven't figured that out yet.  You need someone to help you to discover those barriers and help you to get a breakthrough to peace, joy and purposeful living. 

  • You don't understand life's "WHYS".  Until you get a handle on why you had to suffer certain things in your life, why your thoughts are constantly focused on the negative things in your life and why do these questions even matter, you will never be able to move forward without the baggage and unnecessary burdens that you have been carrying around for years.  I can help you to get the weight off.  I'm not talking about the extra pounds around your belly (I have that too!), but the extra pounds around your soul. 

  • You need a plan.  It is said that people who fail to plan, should plan to fail.  This may not be 100% true, however, without a vision (a plan) the people fail. This means when there is no defined plan for our lives, we will choose any old road and do any old thing (hoping that it will work out in our favor).  However this way of living usually ends with life-long adverse consequences for our failure to "think it through".  A life of success through purpose has incorporated throughout it, plans, goals and strategies.  After all even the creator has a defined plan for your life, why shouldn't you find out how to get that plan and have good success in every area of your life! 

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